Contamination & Environmental

Environmental issues are of ever increasing importance to construction and development. T M Ventham Practice has an acute awareness of the range of potential environmental issues and hazards.


We are familiar with and able to quickly assess the elements that could contaminate and influence any particular site. We then implement a range of investigative measures to enable us to properly assess risk and design appropriate remedial measures where necessary.

Risk Awareness
Ground water vulnerability
Soil and ground water contamination
Flood risk
Methane and other possible ground gas
Biological contamination
Knot weed and other infestations
Asbestos and other hazardous substances

Non-Invasive Research
Research and examination of ground porosity
and general indications of contamination or infestation
Research historical use of the site and adjacent land
Radon report
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  Giftworks Industrial Unit  

This large industrial unit was to be built on an open field near Cheddar in Somerset.
T M Ventham Practice did some site investigation and discovered high levels of lead. Through more historical research we discovered that there had been a Lead Works in the area many years ago.
T M Ventham Practice did site remediation work to ensure the site was safe for development and to protect the local waterways.