Civil and Infrastructure Design
T M Ventham has undertaken a range of infrastructure design work throughout the 30 years that the practice has existed. We are familiar with highway and drainage design requirements including the increasing need for the use of sustainable drainage methods.
22 new homes at Woolbrough Hill, Newton Abbot

This housing development is built on a very steep site. Because of this the infrastructure involved considerable earth moving and as a consequence a need to provide substantial earth retention. This can be a very costly procedure as well as very unattractive. The aesthetics was key to the success of the projects and the selling of the houses once built.


The existing residents in the surrounding areas were concerned that the development would involve ugly retaining walls and this became part of the focus of opposition at the planning stage.

T M Ventham Practice used a system of retained embankments to overcome most of these problems.

These very steep embankments were made stable and durable by the use of layers of treated plastic mesh between layers of stone. This has the advantage of being able to be grassed over. What the public see is a simple grass embankment, but underneath is very strong and advanced civil engineering, able to safely support the road system above.

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  New Barn Lane, Cheltenham  

This small high quality development for Swan Hill Homes had a high degree of infrastructure requirement including a new roundabout at the site entrance. This is on a busy road close to the entrance to Cheltenham Racecourse. The site also needed a substantial attenuation system on the drainage.

T M Ventham Practice designed the foundations and structures for the houses in addition to all infrastructure details.